Yang Xian





  Schuster Building 7.14


  Dr. Yang Xian
  Theoretical Physics Group
  School of Physics and Astronomy
  The University of Manchester
  Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Research Interests

My main research interest is in the area of quantum many-body theories and their applications in condensed matter physics, particularly in quantum spin lattices and strongly correlated boson and fermion systems. Quantum many-body theories study correlation effects of interacting quantum particles in their ground and excited states. This field of theoretical physics therefore covers a wide range of physical systems, from atoms and molecules (many-electron systems), nuclei and nuclear matters (many-nucleon systems), to low-temperature gases, liquids, solids and artificial systems such as quantum dots. A microscopic quantum many-body theory usually takes a Hamiltonian approach, evaluating physical quantities (such as the binding energy of an atom, order parameter of a spin lattice, excitation spectra of a quantum fluid) by ab initio calculations using well-developed techniques, including analytical (perturbational/variational/diagramatic) methods and computer simulations. Despite tremondous progress over the last five decades in both analytical and computational aspects, there remain challenges in the field of microscopic quantum many-body theories: we still have difficulties in dealing with the strongly correlated fermion systems with strong spin fluctuations, typified in high-temperature superconductors and helium-3 superfluids; accurate calculations are still limited to small molecules, etc. Breakthroughs in both our analytical skills and computational power are still needed.

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