Physics and Astronomy Erasmus programme

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Please note the following additional information for study in Physics & Astronomy at Manchester.

1. You should study the undergraduate handbook, particularly the section on syllabuses, carefully. Use this to decide which courses you would like to do during your time at Manchester. Note that the Manchester credit rating is double the ECTS credit rating; in other words, a 10-credit course in Manchester is worth 5 ECTS credits. The first number of the course code refers to the year of the course, and the last to the semester of the course (1=September to December, 2=February to May). The syllabuses are those of this year rather than next year, but typically only a few courses change from year to year, so it is likely that selections based on this year will be valid next year.

2. You should next study the timetables carefully. The timetables given at the foot of this webpage are now for the 2010/11 academic year. You should ensure that what you specify in your learning agreement is compatible with the timetable, as well as with your educational requirements, but note that the timetable for a few courses may change next year. If it does turn out that two courses you wish to do but which appear incompatible due to timetabling, later appear compatible, you can change your learning agreement once you arrive here.

3. Notes on particular courses in the undergraduate handbook but not in the timetable:

4. Courses outside Physics.

You can take any courses from the Physics department without restriction apart from timetabling and educational appropriateness. You can normally also take a reasonable number of mathematics courses as well as English language courses. If you wish to take courses outside these categories, please let us know before sending your learning agreement so we can check that it is possible to do them.

5. Tutorials and workshops

Manchester students in the first and second year attend small-group tutorials on material in the core lecture courses (there are typically 3 of these per semester). If you are taking 2/3 or more of the core lecture courses in any semester, you will be assigned to a tutorial group. In the third year there are larger workshops, once per week, in order to practice example questions on core physics; again, you will be assigned to one of these if you are taking a significant quantity of core physics material.

6. Changes of courses

You are normally allowed to change courses up to the end of the second week of term; after this, changing requires special permission. If you change any courses specified in your learning agreement, you will need to fill in a "change of learning agreement" form, and get it signed, as well as changing the registration on the internal Manchester system.

7. Finding me

You are welcome to come and see me at any time (room 7.16 Schuster Building, building number 54 on the campus map), although email me first ( if you want to find a time I'll be there. In the induction week (Sept 17-21 2012) you will have an arranged meeting with the University Erasmus office, who will give you a place and time for a first meeting in the Physics department at which I will tell you about studying in Physics.